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All for a worthy cause

May 23rd, 2009 by Zaineb Rahim


I'd like to thank all you amazing people who helped the orphans of Iraq by sponsoring us on this INCREDIBLE walk (to say the least). I exceeded my personal target and raised just over £800 altogether!!!! All thanks to you lot!

In summary, we walked about 32 km instead of 24 km (approx. 20 miles!) according to Noor's phone calculator thing, and burnt over 11,000 calories. I walked 10.30am - 9pm with very few breaks, and only 15mins at that!

We climbed hundreds of feet of Dover cliffs- that was definitely the hardest part for me (steep, crumbly, terrifying, exhilarating!). Then we walked over the top of the cliffs for many kilometres and back down again onto Dover Pier.


The second half was meant to be shorter, but we got lost countless times because maps don't tell the truth! First we were walking along winding roads but then the pavement disappeared and we ended up going through vast fields that seemed endless. The signs of civilisation disappeared, we confronted huge cows and their babies, drew our fingers through tall crops of corn and buttercups, and couldn't see any town life until we reached the coast again. We were well over our 24km by this time, and our feet kept plodding along. Any stopping and the pain would seep through. Our last train was due to leave at 9.45pm so we taxi-ed a mile or so to the station, finally reaching home at 1am this morning.

My face is terribly sunburnt (not something I anticipated really), looks awful, and my body feels surreal today! But I've met the most amazing selfless people and it's all for the orphaned children of Iraq- may they grow and prosper and live a life of peace and happiness!

Thanks everyone again,
Zainab Rahim

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