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A Special Thank You To...


December 24th, 2011

I would like to thank the following organisations and individuals for supporting and promoting our event.

  • Yasser Astarabadi, our UK team leader for his wonderful efforts in making this event happen

  • Lamees Ibrahim, our dedicated walker and project manager for the “Empowering the Widows of Mesopotamia” project

  • Ali Khalid, Halah Al Janaby and their team at Help the Needy Charitable Trust (www.helptheneedy.org.uk) for their patience and support in the event planning as well as the printing of the t-shirts and video making.

  • Enas Khedair who worked tirelessly on our Charity Dinner Cruise

  • All the participants for their great effort

  • Iraq Relief for their sponsorship towards the event (www.iraq-relief.org)

  • Astarabadi Trading Limited (www.astarabadi.com) for their donation and supply of the wrist-bands

  • Al-Kindi (www.kindi.org.uk) for their sponsorship and promotion

  • Zahra Al-Rikabi for fundraising from her tasty cupcakes

  • Noor Hesson and the McMaster Society for Iraq at McMaster University in Canada for their generous matching donation

  • Harry Fear – photography on the Walk Day and Ahmed Gouda – photography on the night of the Charity Dinner Cruise

  • Selwa Al Qazwini – translations

  • Elizabeth Block for her interview with Nadia Al-Shadhir- Founder of Walk for Iraq

  • Shaima Al Sitrawi for registration for the Walk event and for being a key motivator for our walkers.

  • Sammer Astarabadi for being a key player in helping out with the organization of the events

  • Ashley and Russell Inglis for being our guides on the Walk day (as well as Beacon the dog)

  • Sanasino for being active and instrumental in raising awareness. (http://sanasino.wordpress.com/)

  • DJ Hanan for their free service on the night of the Cruise

  • Hubert Williams from Printflow for their free printing service

  • Dania Omar, Miss Middle East UK 2010 for being our main presenter on the night of the Cruise

  • Raffle and Auction aid: Mark Cramb www.celebreart.com

  • Discounts: Catering: Ghassan from Ecklee Catering http://www.eckleecatering.co.uk, Thames Luxury Cruises- Dixie Queen

  • Vyker Ltd and Talk Talk for their sponsorship

  • Volunteers before and during the event of the Cruise: Ienas Jumaily, Zainab Astarabadi, Sammer Astarabadi, Jamal Makhoul, Zainab Al Rikabi, Nadia Jabawy, Fatima Abdul Hamid

  • Rihab Al Naif for designing  tickets and poster for the Cruise.

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