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Fundraising Initiative: Walk for Iraq 2013 supports Spartan Race in Montreal, Canada

They did it! Joined by a 5th member just a few days before the Super Spartan Race on June 30, 2013, our fabulous five did it! Expected to be a 12 km course with over 20 obstacles, they were surprised to find out that it was actually 15.8 km of mud, rock, trees, bugs, steep hills and insane obstacles. This challenge was a tough one, but the team stood together, while keeping their spirits high every muddy step of the way.

Walk for Iraq proudly supported Noor Al Ghafari, Karim Aita, Ahmed Ali, Karim Amatoury and Elias Raphael Kandalaft in their quest to complete two challenges for

charity within 1 month. The first race, which was a 5km obstacle challenge as part of the Spartan Race http://www.spartanrace.com/ took place on May 26, 2013 in Montreal, Canada.

The Spartan Race is not just a simple race, while the distances varied from 1 mile to marathon distances, the obstacles also varied and were unpredictable with the participant not knowing what was in store. Just some of the obstacles presented include: fire jumps, barbed wire crawl, spear throw, wall climbs including slippery walls, hobie hops, burpees and plenty more.

Our wonderful participants, a multinational and diverse group chose to support children with special needs in Iraq. In collaboration with Careless, (a social media site aimed at raising awareness of the daily struggles people with disability face and by also helping introduce a new attitude of equality amongst the wider society), the project is monitored and run by Help the Need Charitable Trust, (UK Reg. No. 1059951 www.helptheneedy.org.uk). It includes providing children with special needs the:-
a)      physiological rehabilitation which will include Art, Music & Sport Therapy
b)      health support such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, medical walking sticks etc.

The project also aims to build the capacity of teachers in the latest products. For further updates, please click here

Thank you to all those who have donated. We managed to raise a staggering 12,969 USD through our Justgiving Page. If you wish to donate to this project then please visit our homepage and click on the DONATE NOW link which will take you directly to Help the Needy Charitable Trust website

Well done Team MOZ!

Fundraising Initiative: Walk for Iraq 2012 supports NYC Marathon

In parallel to our support for the Mount Kilimanjaro Climb (see below), Walk for Iraq supported British/Iraqi Omar Al Amin (24 years of age) in his attempt to run the 26 mile/42km New York City Marathon, 4 November, 2012. Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Sandy, the NYC marathon was cancelled. Nevertheless Omar who had trained heaviliy for the event joined other runners to run around central park on the day which became the almost unofficial/alternative marathon. Omar expressed an interest in supporting Walk for Iraq’s widows project

which passed through many phases but is still in need of funding. The "Empowering the Widows of Mesopotamia" project run by Help the Needy Charitable Trust (www.helptheneedy.org.uk), a UK registered charity (Reg. No. 1059951) provides aid to orphans and widows.. For more details please click here. 1,540 GBP was raised via the Justgiving site for this project. You can still donate via the Help the Needy Website and note your preference to the widows project.


Fundraising Initiative: Walk for Iraq 2012 supports Mt Kilimanjaro climb

As a continuation of our successful campaign in 2011 to empower the widows of Iraq, Walk for Iraq supported two British/Iraqi teenagers Emily (17 years) and Alex (13 years) Haboubi climb Mt. Kilimanjaro on 15 July, 2012. Their aim was to raise money for Help the Needy Charitable Trust (www.helptheneedy.org.uk), a UK registered charity (Reg. No. 1059951) which provides aid to orphans and widows. An amazing 4,068 GBP was raised via the Justgiving site and donated to the "Empowering the Widows of Mesopotamia"


Walk for Iraq (Mt. Kili) 2012 © Walk for Iraq

project. For more details please click here. Emily and Alex, both born in the UAE have only their paternal grandfather as their link to Iraq. However, having never visited the country, they are fully aware of the hardships facing the Iraqi widows and orphans and felt strong and passionate enough to dedicate their climbing attempt to support this cause. For more information on their journey, please read their account here





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