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Ottawa 2008

On June 28th 2008, the city of Ottawa held a 10km walk starting and ending at the Remic Rapids Park. The scenic route went along the NCC recreational pathways alongside the beautiful river and the Parliament buildings (Click here to see the route). 2,510 CAD was raised from the walk and was donated to UNICEF’s emergency relief fund for Iraqi children. Click here to see how your money was spent UNICEF’s efforts!


Walk for Iraq Ottawa © Walk for Iraq

Toronto 2007

On August 25th, 2007, an estimated group of 150 people (including seniors, students and children) walked a total of 9 km on the Martin Goodman Trail (from 1 Queen’s Quay to Cherry Beach) in Toronto raising a successful 15,000 CAD in support of Iraq and the Iraqi people.

The people of Iraq have experienced brutal suppression that has led to the awful consequences of war and violence. Thousands of innocent Iraqis have been tortured, imprisoned and killed, leaving countless young orphans and broken homes. For over three decades, the Iraqi children, women and men have atrociously suffered and continue to suffer physically, emotionally and mentally. With the current catastrophe, Iraq needs us now more than ever. The needs in Iraq are great, and sadly, most of them are very basic needs.

Iraqi colours from Walk for Iraq Canada
© Walk for Iraq

Fortunately, The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is working diligently to meet the continuing needs of those affected by the conflict in Iraq. The ICRC assists the Iraqi people by:

  • Distributing food
  • Providing essential household items and hygiene products
  • Offering access to clean water and sanitation services
  • Supporting hospitals and medical services

For more information on Walk for Iraq Toronto, please follow this external site http://walkforiraqcanada.googlepages.com/

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