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2011 Fundraising Initiative

On Sunday 13th November 2011, the third Walk For Iraq Football tournament was held in Auckland, New Zealand.  In support of the UK 2011 Walk, the tournament attracted many people from different cultures to come on a day to help unite and fundraise a successful 1,200 NZD for the UK registered charity- Help the Needy Charitable Trust's "Empowering the widows of Mesopotamia" project.. For more information on the project and our letter of thanks from Help the Needy, please click here.

Walk for Iraq (NZ) 2011 ©

The tournament was advertised on Facebook and saw 10 men and 3 women play with enthusiasim and passion and to be crowned the Walk for Iraq Champions.. Many people showed up to help and support the teams - not forgetting their cameras for some of the sizzling action. A BBQ, refreshments and even Iraqi cookies were sold on the day. To see the photos of the event, please click here.



2010 Fundraising Initiative

On Sunday 21st November 2010, a second Walk for Iraq football tournament was held in Auckland, New Zealand; attracting more people than the previous year. With 16 football teams of boys and girls participating, there were masses of people from all backgrounds and religions uniting as one and standing in solidarity to help support all victims of the Church Massacre. The event raised 1,324 NZD which has been donated to the Iraqi Christians In Need.

Walk for Iraq (NZ) 2010 ©

It was an exciting yet inspiring day filled with laughter, food, enthusiasm but most important the unity of many people in support and hope for a better Iraq.

Please click here to see the letter of thanks from Iraqi Christians In Need


2009 Walk

Auckland, New Zealand saw yet another successful walk take place on 21st November 2009. 44 brave walkers participated in a  9.2km walk from the Viaduct Basin to One Tree Hill (Coast to Coast Walkway) via Mount Eden to raise funds for the Iraqi Orphan Foundation. Ending their journey at Cornwall Park, the team managed to raise 6,389 NZD   for the orphans of Iraq..

Walk for Iraq (NZ) 2009 ©


Again, not only have the participants helped raise awareness of the everyday life sufferings of the Iraqi people through our campaign but with the money raised also helped provided food, shelter, medical and recreational facilities and financial apprenticeships for the orphans.  

Aside from the walk, a number of activities were also held; a football tournament raising:  670 NZD , a charity dinner for  100 people raising 1,000 NZD   and a signed breakers basketball  / rugby  auction raising  300 NZD  

For more information on the charity please visit www.iraqiorphanfoundation.com and to see our letter of thanks and how your money was spent, please click here.


2008 Walk

Following closely in the footsteps of an overwhelmingly successful WALK FOR IRAQ event in 2007, Walk For Iraq - NZ 2008 was launched on Saturday the 17th of May 2008. 65 enthusiastic walkers took part in a 11km walk in Auckland's City Centre from Victoria Park, along Tamaki Drive and Auckland's stunning water front all the way to Saint Heliers Bay to raise funds to support UNICEF's efforts in Iraq.
Walk For Iraq NZ 2008 thankfully achieved its two targets:

  • Raised a staggering 17,747.02 NZD to assist with UNICEF's efforts in improving the lives of Iraqi children nationwide.
  • Raised awareness about the every day life sufferings and struggles of children all over  Iraq . 

Walk for Iraq (NZ) 2008 © Walk for Iraq

Following the visit of Luciano Calestini, UNICEF's chief officer in Iraq, UNICEF NZ decided to have an appeal for Iraq. The  Walk for Iraq funds raised were added  to these donations and the total amount has been applied to the emergency relief  fund.


2007 Walk

On Saturday the 11th of August, 2007, 56 enthusiastic walkers from different ethnic backgrounds took part in a challenging 20 Km walk from Browns Bay to Devonport (North Shore City Coastal Walk) to fund lifesaving humanitarian assistance and protection for the Iraqi Refugees in the Middle East.

Demonstrating his support for this great cause, the group were joined in the first hour by the Minister of Ethnic Affairs, Chris Carter. Click here to listen to the radio interview by KiwiFM with Chris Carter

The displacement of Iraqis is  the fastest-growing refugee crisis in the world. Although they received additional funds in 2007, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees can’t provide adequate protection and assistance to Iraqis. The UN estimates that over 4 million Iraqis have been displaced by violence in their country, the vast majority of which have fled since 2003. Over 2 million have vacated their homes for safer areas within Iraq, 1.5 million are now living in Syria, and over 1 million refugees inhabit Jordan, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, and Turkey.

Walkers holding the Iraqi and the New Zealand flag © Walk for Iraq

Walk for Iraq (NZ) successfuly raised 21,939 NZD (18,085 NZD cash donations and 3,854 NZD on-line donations) for the Iraqi refugees.  The walk also raised awareness of the suffering of the displaced Iraqis  and the capacity of the crisis. The money raised was given to Refugees International (RI) www.refugeesinternational.org  to help support their work with the Iraqi Refugees and help generate lifesaving humanitarian assistance and protection. Please read the letter from Walk for Iraq (NZ) organiser.

The success of this walk lead to the initiation and planning of a bigger Walk for Iraq event during the summer of 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand.   A documentary about the walk is in the making which will shed the light about Walk for Iraq achievements, goals and achievements.You can see trailer one and trailer two of the documentary on youtube.

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