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Letter of Thanks from the Iraqi Orphan Foundation


20 August 2009

To all members of Walk for Iraq: Re: Walk for Iraq 2009

On behalf of Iraqi Orphan Foundation I would like to send you our sincere thanks for your hard work, dedication and all your efforts this year with Walk for Iraq.

Well done on raising a fantastic 17,107 GBP during Walk 4 Iraq 2009. All proceeds will be going to very needy orphans in Iraq. There are five offices regionally in Iraq and between them they look after more than 4000 orphans. The funds will be going to food, shelter, housing and educational projects.

There is a special education project running at present for nearly 500 unsponsored older orphans that can not afford to go to school (10-14 year olds). Sadly these orphans often have to work as they need to earn money to support their families. The IOF is taking them in for schooling (meals, books and transport fees are also given) once a week to educate them on all aspects of life and particularly against all the modern day dangers that affect teenagers especially on anti-terrorism and drugs as these children sadly without the guidance of parents and a school are the easiest targets. With your help this life-altering project can carry on.

The funds will also go to those orphans whose sponsors have unfortunately stopped sponsoring. The IOF carries on funding these children even after the sponsor has stopped funding to make sure they are in safe housing and carry on attending school.

The IOF has also managed to support 200 orphans through a proper school education, enter university and with the help of their sponsors graduate with degrees to get jobs to support themselves, their families and have chance to give something back to society themselves.

I can not thank you enough for your support to this great cause. You are helping so many needy orphans and touching 1000’s of Iraqi childrens’ lives in a such positive way.
Congratulations on your achievements and funds raised. You are wonderful team doing a wonderful job.

Warmest Wishes,

Noor Abdul Rassoul Ali, On behalf of Iraqi Orphan Foundation


Iraqi Orphan Foundation
London Office: Unit 2F, Crusader House, 289 Cricklewood Broadway
London NW2 6NX



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