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Terms of Use

If you wish to help promote awareness about Walk for Iraq, please feel free to print, download, or share the information and materials you receive at www.walkforiraq.com. However, please note that many of the materials within this site, or linked to this site, are declared copyright by various organisations and are subject to their copyright terms.

We do ask that you limit your use of the material to non-commercial use, and wherever possible, we'd appreciate it if you quote www.walkforiraq.com.

Use of Photos

Many of the photos used in this site have been provided by individual photographers and may not be used without explicit permission from the photographers. Please contact us if you are interested in using these images.


Walkforiraq.com deeply respects the privacy of its visitors. Visitors are not required to provide personal information to use most of the website's features.

When personal information is requested, please be rest assured that this information will only be used to alert you to periodic updates (if you have indicated that we may do so) and to help us improve the site and develop new features based on general user preferences. We will not share any individual information that you provide with others.

Information provided in our Feedback section will be used strictly internally unless specific permission is requested.


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